The Community Health Paramedic Program at Harris County Emergency Corps is centered on patient navigation, health education, and mobile integrated healthcare. We accomplish this by providing a specially trained Paramedic-RN for resource assistance and intermittent home and phone visits. During the intake process, our staff performs a needs-based assessment in order to identify areas in which patients might need additional assistance or guidance. We then develop a care plan to help patients identify appropriate resources, improve safety, grow in their health literacy, and avoid hospital admission or readmission. Our aim is to help empower the patient to improve his/her overall health.

We provide navigation and education in many areas:

  • chronic disease management
  • medication management
  • discharge instruction education
  • PCP establishment and communication
  • falls and home safety
  • nutrition
  • many more!

We hope that by improving communication and multi-disciplinary care coordination, our patients will achieve greater health success. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Corey Naranjo, BSN, RN, LP
Corey is a dual-certified Paramedic and Registered Nurse. He has training and experience in mobile integrated health, critical care, and pre-hospital emergency medicine. He is passionate about education, patient advocacy, and health empowerment.

Patient Navigation
The healthcare system can be confusing and cumbersome. Our staff can help link patients to primary care providers, as well as provide overall guidance to patients and family members.

Our patients leave the program with more knowledge, greater independence, and a sense of health empowerment.”

Health Education
As professional health educators, we want you to understand your disease processes and how to prevent complications. We help patients when they have questions about their chronic conditions, acute problems, and medication-related questions.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare
Our program staff will perform a needs-based assessment in order to identify each patient’s healthcare gaps and needs. We then link with primary practitioners, specialists, and other community resources in order to fill those gaps.

Benefits of CHP Enrollment

  • FIND health resources.
  • LEARN how to manage chronic conditions.
  • COMMUNICATE more effectively with your primary care provider.
  • IDENTIFY the best resource for the problem at hand.
  • GAIN health empowerment and independence.
  • REDUCE the need for 911 calls and visits to the emergency room.
  • IMPROVE your overall health and wellbeing.
  • SAVE money on acute care costs.