HCEC Helps Children Discover the World of Work

April 04, 2016

Career Day provides students exposure to the world of work and several local elementary schools believe it’s never too early to start.  HCEC medic Sue Poparad talked to students at Conley Elementary on March 4th and Carmichael Elementary School students on March 9th about working in the EMS industry.

Conley Elementary Counselor Lakesha May said their goal is to help students learn about a broad range of careers and show them how education is connected to those careers. These future professionals were prepared with a list of questions for Sue including, work hours, pay rate, and education needed.

Sue talked about the EMS industry, the variety of calls she responds to, and the equipment she uses to treat patients.  She also gave them a tour of the ambulance and a brief explanation about all the lifesaving tools inside.

Several students said they know their future occupation already and wore uniforms and attire representing their ideal profession.