Observer Program

The Harris County Emergency Corps strives to provide quality educational opportunities that will further the mission of the service. Furthermore, in an effort to promote community-based support, strengthen interagency alliances, and foster a solid recruiting base, HCEC has developed the HCEC Observer Program.  This program allows the participant an opportunity to learn more about HCEC and the exciting world of pre-hospital emergency care.


Philosophy – The HCEC Observer Program provides a quality educational experience for the participant. Candidates for the program should at a minimum meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have an interest in emergency medical services as a career (i.e. high school or college student 18 or older)
  • Have an interest in emergency medical services as a job related educational opportunity


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. A copy of the applicant’s drivers license or other legal photo ID is required.
  • At no time shall a participant in the Observer Program be allowed to participate in patient care and treatment, regardless of medical certification. The participants are there strictly as observers and are not expected, obligated or needed to assist in patient care under any circumstances.

To schedule an observer shift complete the OBSERVER-Waiver form and “Observer Confidentiality Form”  along with a copy of your drivers license or photo ID and email the forms to Our “In-Charge Medics” are responsible for the shift in which you are assigned and will answer any questions you may have during your shift. We ask that you follow their orders as this will keep you as safe as possible during your visit. Please make sure you understand the Observer Release Form in its entirety. The shift that you schedule has many risks associated with being an observer, including but not limited to: motor vehicle accidents, violence, and the possible transmission of diseases.

All information that you encounter as it pertains to patients and emergency calls are strictly confidential in nature and are not to be discussed outside our organization.