Words of Wisdom for Future Medical Professionals

March 04, 2016

Harris County Emergency Corps Medical Director Cameron Decker, MD spoke to dozens of students from the Health Occupations Students Association at Benjamin O. Davis Senior High School on February 17, 2016.

Dr. Decker talked to the students about various careers in the medical industry as he explained his background and nontraditional path in medicine. “Meeting Dr. Decker was extremely valuable because the students got a chance to hear from someone who has experience doing the job they are talking about, versus reading an article online or in a book,” said Dr. Loverous Whittaker, Health Science Technology Instructor, Davis Senior High School.

The students were amazed to learn that Dr. Decked is not only an ER doctor, but also serves as Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Baylor, faculty member at Ben Taub, Licensed Paramedic, and Police Sergeant and Tactical Physician with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office High Risk Operations Unit.”Anything is possible. ┬áHe has four jobs and has time to do everything,” said Stephanie Medrano, 11th grader, Davis Senior High School.

Dr. Whittaker said professionals like Dr. Decker stimulate excellent conversations and make the possibilities of success in the medical field more tangible and obtainable for many students.