Harris County Emergency Corps has recommitted to having an active, vibrant volunteer program which we now call our reserve medic program. Recently, our reserve program has grown significantly, with some of our reserve medics even coming from other areas of Texas to volunteer with the Corps.

The vast majority of our reserve medics function as valued third crew members, performing at their certification level and work in conjunction with the two primary crew members. Our progressive protocols and patient population provide an outstanding opportunity to grow in EMS, regardless of your certification level or experience.

We welcome all DSHS certified providers. In return for a minimum commitment of twenty-four (24) hours per month, reserve medics receive a variety of benefits, including uniforms (after completing a minimum numbers of shifts) and free continuing education opportunities offered through Harris County Emergency Corps. In addition, reserve medics often have scheduling priority for many of the special events that Harris County Emergency Corps provides coverage for. Recently, our reserve medics have worked at the events associated with the NCAA Final Four, a PGA golf tournament, and several concerts.

Our unique history as a volunteer organization, our demographics, and our combination of 911 and critical care operations offer a unique opportunity to use your EMS certification as a volunteer.  Whether you are a new EMS provider or an EMS provider who currently doesn’t work full-time in EMS, our organization has a place for you.

If you are interested in becoming an HCEC Reserve, please complete an online application – APPLY NOW.

You may also contact our Reserve Coordinator, Max Garner at