HCEC Only Houston-Based CAAS Accredited EMS Agency

February 02, 2015

Harris County Emergency Corps Receives Gold Standard Approval

Harris County Emergency Corps (HCEC) earned the title for the only Houston-based EMS agency to receive CAAS (the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services) accreditation. HCEC joins an elite group of only eight EMS providers in Texas and 163 EMS providers in the United States to successfully achieve the recognition. The accreditation process requires the completion of a comprehensive application and on-site review by national experts in emergency medical services.

The Panel of Commissioners extended the commendation to HCEC for outstanding achievement in compliance with national standards for best practices in the Emergency Medical Services Industry.

“Gaining such a prestigious accreditation demonstrates that we are true leaders in the EMS industry, and that we are committed to demonstrating excellence every day,” said Jeremy Hyde, CEO of HCEC. “CAAS accreditation represents our commitment to the patients and community we serve. We view accreditation as another step in our journey toward excellence.”

The primary focus of the Commission’s standards is operational excellence and high quality patient care.  The Commission established national standards, also known as the “Gold Standards”, which not only address the delivery of patient care, but the organization’s total operation including relationships with other agencies, the general public, and the medical community.  The Commission’s standards often exceed state or local licensing requirements.

“Our staff has been key to the successful completion of this process,” said Hyde. “I’m honored to work with such a fine staff and I know they are just as proud to be part of this CAAS accredited organization as I am.”


About Harris County Emergency Corps

Harris County Emergency Corps (HCEC) was the first EMS organization established in Texas, and is the only CAAS accredited Houston-based EMS agency. As a nonprofit EMS provider, HCEC primarily responds to 9-1-1 emergency medical calls for approximately 400,000 citizens of North Harris County, teaches education classes for businesses and clinicians, provides event medicine coverage for some of the largest event venues in Houston and offers one of Houston’s first Community Health Paramedic Programs. HCEC is committed to preserving lives through clinical excellence, progressive medicine, and professional service. For more information, visit www.hcec.com.