January 2014

CORPS Award Winner – Anthony Scopel

January 2014 Nominations
Kathy Chain Kathy has been a loyal employee for several years and has spent a lot of time training others during her employment here. She has influenced several medics over the years with her knowledge and skills while providing patient care. She exceeds in her honesty and expectations of others to be honest. She does not allow her feelings or after midnight aggravations get in the way of her patient care. She has a lot to teach and is an asset to HCEC and possibly even a bedrock to its foundation of field staff. She also enjoys her job and her opportunity to do the right thing even when nobody is looking. She is an example for many to follow at HCEC.
Mary Jackson Always helpful.
Always willing to go out of her way to get a job done.
Positive and supportive.
Comedic relief to a sometimes stressful and busy day.
Professional and positive with public.
Always working hard to make sure things run smoothly in the office.
Takes pride in our lobby which is a direct reflection in her pride in representing HCEC.
If your not sure, ask Mary…she usually knows the answer or someone who will.
Her awesome work ethic is contagious. She makes me want to work harder!Basically, she is the best.
Job Greer I believe Job Greer should be considered for the CORPS Award because he is a humble hard worker who does not complain and is always willing to assist me in whatever I need. In addition, he always strive to maintain a high level of integrity & professionalism even when faced with adversity.
Cheryl Parker I believe that Cheryl is a near perfect example of our core values.
Integrity: she is honest.Stewardship: she follows procedures and holds herself accountable saw ell as does around her. Cheryl is always willing to help her coworkers without a second thought.Professionalism: accomplishes that well.Innovation: not shy to lead, always looking on ways to improve.Pride: something very few here lack. You can say we bleed black. Cheryl is one of those people that loves her job at HCEC and is not shy in shearing it.

This is why I believe that Cheryl is a great reflection of our core values.

George Kiss Innovation. He provides us with very progressive guidelines that enable us to provide world class patient care. Our treatments and his philosophy of patient care greatly benefits all those that receive our services.
Riva Saenz I nominate Riva Saenz due to her representing consistently the values that the core represents.
She is always in great spirits and willing to assist with any problem that may present itself.
She always give s a positive energy and applies herself to her work.
She is a pleasure to be around and to have on the team.
Thanks for the experience.
Isaiah Cameron Isaiah goes above and beyond to help each and every one of us. No matter what his work load is at the moment he is always eager to help everyone with a smile on his face. He never speaks ill of anyone and goes out of his way to help when needed even if it is not part of his assigned duties. His attitude is always positive and a pleasure to work with. I nominate Isaiah for the CORPS award!
Mike Newman and Isaiah Cameron Both Mike and Isaiah helped me when I was getting some photos for an important project that was on a fast deadline. They were definitely team players when I asked them (half joking) to help wash the truck for the photos. It didn’t take us very long to wash it with several of us working on it together. Mike and Isaiah could have easily walked away and said that they were too busy to help wash the truck, but they helped and did a fantastic job. It’s that type of pride that really makes HCEC stand out from other organizations.
Monty Northern Monty has worked very hard to become one of the best attendants here & I’m proud to have him as a partner. He arrives early to every shift, is always on task & goes out of his way to do the best, most thorough job he can do. He is honest, has great communication & listening skills & always looks for ways to do right by the company & save the company money. He leads by example, advocates for his patients & educates the patients when possible. He shows compassion, accountability, has a great attitude, works well as a team member, is performance oriented & is just an overall ‘do right’ kind of guy & does not have a lazy bone in his body nor does he tolerate those who are. He is a great asset to the company & I’m sure will make for a wonderful medic & long term employee. From his rough start till now, he has changed the opinions of those who initially did not think much of him. I have been approached, on numerous occasions, by several in-charges that Monty was great to ride with & that he really turned around from when he first started & is now a great partner. He would not be where he is today without his work ethic & hard work. He is well deserving of the CORPS award.
Cooper Lumsden Cooper is a person I consider to be a model employee. He is always professional, friendly, takes pride in his work, and is VERY responsive to requests for assistance. He goes out of his way to make sure we have everything we need to be successful, even if that means taking extra time or making extra trips to your station. He shows innovation and creativity. For example, the recent forms he sent out to try and help the crews with truck swaps and equipment.I have actually been meaning to say something to upper management about his awesome job performance, and now that the CORPS Award has been created, I think this would be an excellent way to honor his hard work. My only complaint about him—we wish he would come on full time!
Anthony Scopel Anthony has been my partner since arriving at HCEC. He demonstrates the CORPS values  each shift he works. He arrives 30-40 minutes early for shift and completes all required truck and station duties. He is professional towards patients, family members, and co-workers. He has the ability to make contact with patients and family members, set their minds at ease and instill confidence that they are in the best medical hands possible. As an attendant he demonstrates all the qualities as a very capable in-charge. I can say that Anthony is the best part of our patients worst day. Thank you.
Amro Tireless worker, good example for others, and on at least one snow day ( and right after he became salaried so no OT involved) he came into work. Has been covering another staff members work while they are out and not missed a deadline.
February 2014

Deana Brandon (left) and Diana Green (right)

Why Deana?

While Deana consistently embodies many core values and her knowledge and positive attitude is inspiring, her compassion for patients truly goes “above and beyond.” A few shifts ago two events occurred which alerted me to her nature and inspired me to nominate her for this award.

The first was a patient who did not call 911 for herself, but needed to be seen by a doctor but was refusing to go to the hospital because she did not have any way to get back home. Deana called the hospital and spoke to several people, trying to find a method of transportation home for this patient. She did not take no for an answer and finally spoke to the L&D nurse who would be the patient’s nurse and who agreed to help. The patient was able to be seen and treated. Even after the patient had given up on seeking treatment for herself, Deana did not give up, and the patient was able to receive the medical care she needed.

In the middle of that night we were called to an elderly male who also needed treatment, but once again did not want to be transported because of no way to get home. His wife cannot drive and he couldn’t call his children nor neighbors at that hour to make sure he could get home if he were to be transported. Deana told him if he gets out before anyone else could, she would drive him home. She gave him her phone number and genuinely offered him a ride. He was transported and treated for hypertension. He did not ask for a ride home, but the only reason he received the medical attention he needed, was because of her.

I was moved. With system abuse so common, burnout is easy. I have watched her since that day, and those were not isolated events. She consistently does more than the job entails to help others. Her compassion for patients is invigorating and contagious. Very few people, the elite few, would do what she does, and she does so on a regular basis.

Why Diana?

Dispatchers are not always seen but we definitely hear them. When Diana is at work I know that I will get good information prior to arriving at a scene. Diana goes beyond what is required on every single call that she takes. In fact it seems that when Diana is at work the majority of my call notes are typed by her. While she receives I’m sure more than her fair share of verbal abuse for 12 hours at a time she still manages to maintain a sense of humor.

I never feel as if I am in danger going in to a scene that Diana has done the call taking on as I know she is very thorough and does not hesitate to request HCSO to assist medics on scene. Diana takes pride in her work every day and it shows in her ability to accurately take calls. Diana is a person of integrity who goes above and beyond to ensure field staff safety every day. I also believe that anyone who has read her call notes would agree she is innovative and has a way that can bring a smile to anyone’s face just by reading a few words on a screen. Diana brings something to dispatch that in my 5 years here I have never seen before.

Who else was nominated? See all of the nomination below:

Amro Darwish Amro has a great attitude not only toward his job and job duties, but toward his co-workers as well. He is always willing to help no matter how small or big the request. I believe that Amro is committed to not only achieving high standards for the Finance Department, but for everyone associated with HCEC!
Ray Taylor Ray is a great example of the CORPS award. Ray takes a leadership role in our Dispatch Dept. Although Ray is not in a supervisory position he is respected among us as being a leader due to his knowledge and performance. He brings an expertise to this agency having been in and around Fire/EMS for literally years. He understands what it takes to make our agency the best and recognizes what changes should be implemented to achieve our goals.

Ray gets along with everyone and shows respect for every person he works with and is always willing to help with training or trade shifts when needed. He strives to keep a positive attitude in what we all recognize as a negative receiving position. We are the heart of this organization, every call comes through dispatch and most people are not happy, Ray finds a way to laugh at some of the ridiculousness and break up the stress on a daily basis.

lanzo he is the man when it comes down of knowing stuff and he will be more then happy to help people
Chad Adam Chad had observer from Brazil a few weeks ago. He displayed many aspects of our Corps values during his shift and Jennypher was talking about her experiences for days! Chad showed her what it’s like in the life of a supervisor and medic in the US – He took her on calls, he gave her a tour of the area and of headquarters, he taught her some of his medical knowledge, and he brought her to the infamous hot dog truck in our area. I know that her experience here at HCEC is one that she will never forget – and it will be a fantastic memory for her. She kept saying how nice he was and how much he taught her when she was here. She said he even bought her lunch! Not only did Chad show Professionalism and Pride, he instilled those values in the observer for the time that she was here.
Joseph Le Joseph has stepped into a position that he had no prior experience in and has went above and beyond to gain knowledge in every area of HCEC. His diligence and perseverance is really paying off when it comes to CAAS deadlines. Not only is Joseph learning new items and working hard to comply with all CAAS guidelines he is sharing his knowledge with all of us which is improving our communication and team environment.
Krystal Jones Krystal stepped into a highly visible role not only to our staff, but also to the community and our business partners, with little assistance and even less direction. She has completely revised and organized the way we prepare for, register for, instruct and promote our courses.

Krystal is a highly organized and detail oriented person and it shows in the quality of work she performs and the training she provides. I had the pleasure of observing a few of her courses and was very impressed with her proffesionalism, innovation in teaching techniques, and the pride in our organization that she conveys when talking with her audience.

Krystal has been instrumental in the quality of training and skills mastery that our staff and our community partners receive. Her stewardship benefits not only our organization, but our patients and their families as well.

Jane Webb I have had the pleasure of working as Jane’s partner for the past 18 months. In that time I have seen Jane display our CORPS Values on every shift and on every call. Her vast clinical knowledge is matched by few in the field and she continuously shows that she genuinely does care about those in the community. She takes pride in her job and inspires others to do the same. She is a shining example of how any medic should be and I’m proud to call her my partner.
Chivas Guillote In the short time that Chivas has been working at HCEC, he has accomplished many things and pushed to accomplish many more. He very clearly understands the basics of what we need and also understands our future needs. His communication skills have helped the clinical department tremendously in organzing and preparing HCEC for future CQI goals.
Laci Lognion Laci came into my office and made ne aware of a high frequency caller in our district. I looked further into it and we found that this person has called us over 30 times in the course of a month. Creating some significant dissonance among the staff/provider and creating some burdens for our EMS System. At one point, our EM Supervisor was unable to get to an extrication call, as the supervisor was tied up with the frequent caller. Her short conversation led to a meeting with the hospital staff and we are actively trying to find a way to better help the patient. Laci is a very inteligent and ambitious provider who is constantly striing for improvement and ways to improve her knolwedge. A great asset to our team. Plus she just adopted an adorable German Shepherd Dog.
Lauren Jackson Integrity – Lauren represents integrity in everything she does. She is honest and compassionate with patients, coworkers and hospital/law enforcement/ER staff.

Stewardship – She holds herself and her partners accountable and is always looking for ways to make things better.

Professionalism – For as long as I have known her, Lauren has led by example. She is a model for students and her partner to follow. She is always respectful and carries herself in a way that should make HCEC proud and that we should all strive to follow. As evidenced by her recent promotion, she is also someone that a lot of her co-workers look to and trust.

Innovation – She is always looking for new and better ways to do things to improve our standard of care. She has superior knowledge base and is always looking to learn more so that the outcome of each patient she comes in contact with is the best possible. As an FTO, she helps ensure that our staff keeps up to date on changes in the standard of care.

Pride – Lauren has a strong sense of pride for Harris County. Her attitude is always positive and rarely do I not see her smiling. Her uniform is always nice and presentable. She has excellent teamwork abilities. She is an example to follow.

Lauren exemplifies our CORPS values. She is definitely one of my “go-to” people when I have a question or concern. I have used her to bounce ideas off of multiple times. She never talks down to you or makes you feel stupid. She is an asset to Harris County and I am proud to call her a co-worker.

Chad Adam/Troy Parks Chad Adam often goes out of his way to keep personnel from making errors-responding to calls just to see if he could be of help. Chad also trains his own crews when he feels that there is aknowledge deficit. He works hard, is a dedicated professional. Chad also often chooese to ride in with his crews on difficult cases to give them an extra set of hands..
Jennifer Castro Jeremy Hyde and I were on M910 and stopped by M92 to pick up a piece of equipment. As we pulled up in the parking lot, we noticed Jennifer Castro seated in the cab of the truck in full uniform with her seatbelt strapped on. Her truck had not been sent on a call…the reason she was sitting in the cab of the truck, in full uniform with her seatbelt on was because she was eagerly waiting to jump any call she could justify because she likes to serve! When asked about why she was sitting in the truck, Jennifer said she jumps every call she can. She does not like to sit in the station. She enjoys running calls and taking care of patients. Jennifer demonstrates all five of our Corps Values – Integrity, Stewardship, Professionalism, Innovation, and Pride. She wasn’t sitting in the truck waiting to be recognized….she was just doing the job she loves to do. I appreciate the example she sets for all of us!
Shawn Kirkdorfer Shaun represents our agency very well every day. His clinical skills are outstanding causing an emergency medicine resident to remark. “that was the smoothest airway management case that I’ve ever seen”. He is a great exampl of the professionalism and clinical excellence that he shows every day. I had also asked to go over with Shaun a case for CQI when he was working next. He waanted to learn it so quickly that he came in that very day to discuss the case, Very highly motivated and we should all be proud of his efforts.
Krystal Jones Krystal has gone above and beyond to implement the CentreLearn training process. She has made herself available at moment’s notice to get the process up and running, and has put in many late night hours to complete this project. She has also worked diligently to restructure the Education Division and is doing a phenomenal job at that task! Krystal is truly an asset to HCEC and should be awarded the CORPS Award.